"Fight Back" Socks - Black

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Fight Back Like The Rebel Badass You Are! Tell 'Em Who They Are Up Against, Without Saying Anything at All.

We know how much courage it requires inequality to fight and raise his voice, especially when it trembles. These fightback socks should cheer you and remember what a bad assay you are. Because every injustice against which you are fighting makes it a bit easier for the next generation.

WE Know How Much Courage It Takes to Stand Your Ground and Speak Out Against Inequality - Even When Your Voice Shakes. Our "Fight Back" Socks Are Here To Cheer You On and Remind You of What a Badass You are. BECAUSE Every Injustice WE Fight Against Will Make It A Little Easier For The Next Generation.

Produced in Europe - Made in Europe

Color: Black

Size: One Size Fits Most

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