What are Femme Fight Meetups?


A meetup is a 100% free local event funded by our Chinkilla sales. We will be hosting local meetups all around Germany to bring 1-2 hours of martial arts training, self-defense, and empowerment talks to your area. It’s a great way to network with other women in your community, and motivation to start your martial arts journey!

Next stop: BERLIN
Sunday July 11, 2021

Our first ever Berlin Meetup will take place at Tempelhofer Feld!


We’ll meet outside the Korean Restaurant "Mmaah" at 3PM and walk over 

to our training spot together. The event will be around 2 hours long and include: 


- Kickboxing Basics
- Muay Thai Basics
- Self-Defense Application
- Group discussion & reflections


The event will be in English and German. 

We recommend you wear comfy clothes & sneaks, and bring a water bottle. 

No other equipment necessary!

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