Empowering women to fight back.

Fightgear & Streetwear for women, by women. Enter the ring - chinkilla .


It's all about Sisterhood - our community consists of women who support each other and grow together. We offer Bootcamps and Free Meetups where women learn martial arts, self-defense & mental empowerment. 10% of every chinkilla clothing sale goes into helping bring accessible meetups to women around Germany.

Fightgear & Streetwear

Not too pink, not too short, not too tight. Chinkilla clothing is functional & simply badass. Our Fightgear is not only designed by women for women, but also sustainable slow fashion. On our Streetwear we print what the world should hear. Women unite - we are born to fight!

Social Impact

Zu unserem Werteversprechen gehören kostenlose Kampfsport & Selbstverteidigungs Meetups für Frauen und Mädchen. Unsere deutschlandweite Kampagne #JoinOurFight wurde genau aus diesem Grund ins Leben gerufen.

Sarah & Dani


Chinkilla is a women-led brand dedicated to female empowerment. You can learn more about our mission, production conditions, sustainability, inclusivity, and the founders here.