Changes to the course times

The participant is pointed out that Chinkilla may offer a shortened holiday program during the holidays. All information about this will be announced early on every current month on the homepage. There may be no online courses during the public holidays. The course times are chinkilla reserved.

Registration and confirmation

Registrations will be effective by booking the course, workshops or travel. The participation fee is due upon registration and must be paid at the latest at the latest 8 weeks before the trip or 1 week before the rate of course on the specified account. The registration is made in writing, by online booking or by submitting the registration form by the Internet, under recognition of the terms and conditions, for all listed participants. For pressure or computation errors, Chinkilla reserves their correction as well as the contestation of the travel or course contract. The contract is valid for the duration of the booked trip or course.

Payment terms

With travel registration is a payment of 100% of the fee per participant. Chinkilla reserves the right to cancel participation in non-payment. The mere non-participation in the course program does not release from the obligation to pay.


Cancellation by the participant, replacement person, rebooking

The resignation of a participant before the start of travel or course is effective as soon as the written declaration of resignation is received by the organizer (date of the postmark). At the same time, the subscriber complies with the declaration of resignation an adequate replacement person, which assumes all contractual obligations, no cancellation fees are due. If the resignation of the participant is carried out by travel board (early departure) or, during the journey for personal reasons certain benefits are not used (e.g., diseases, delays, etc.), no costs will be refunded. Cancellation costs apply if no spare participant is found for a trip! We ask for understanding if this should not be possible at short notice. With the registration you accept the cancellation policy.

Online course / workshop - resignation by the participant

Cancellations can be made via Eversports and 24 hours before the course begins. For cancellations in the period from 24 hours before the beginning of the course, no refund is possible. Lessons who are missed for illness or for personal reasons can not be reimbursed.
Resignation, teaching failure, restrictions or termination by the organizer of the organizers can invalidate the travel or course contract for invalid, if no later than 8 weeks before travel or at least 3 days before the beginning of the course, the balance for the booked trip did not address the organizer account is. From the deposit then lump sum 50.00 euros are retained as a processing fee. Should the execution of a trip or course after exploiting all possibilities for the organizer not reasonable, for. B. too low number of participants, so it is entitled to cancel the travel or courses. In this case, all participants will receive immediately the paid travel or course price. Additional claims for damages are excluded. After the start of travel or course, the respective travel or course management is entitled to terminate the travel or course contract of a participant without notice if the participant sustainably disturbs or massively behaves the event. Possibly. Additional costs for the conveying carried out of the disturbing. If the lessons can not be carried out due to higher violence or disease of the teacher, the teaching will seek to catch up by the lessons. If an online course can not be carried out because of higher violence or illness of the teacher, the participants will receive a credit.


Liability restriction

The liability of the organizer is limited overall to the double amount of the travel or course price, if a participant should result in damage by the sole fault of the organizer. Excluded any liability for failures or disturbances to which the organizer has no influence during the trip or courses (water, electricity, lifts, moving within a house, weather, higher violence, pandemic, state-owned Lockdown etc.). The program offered during the trip, courses, workshop and all associated activities are used by the participants in their own responsibility. The participant is liable for any objects or facilities damaged by it. The transport risk bears the respective participant at ownrise. For health damage the student suffers in the programs offered and no liability is assumed for self-held accidents. For loss or theft of clothing or valuables no liability is assumed. The student assures that they are mentally and physically able to participate in the lessons; In acute diseases, the general practitioner must be asked before participating in the classroom and the teachers are informed. Chinkilla assumes no liability for infection.


In case of possibly occurring performance, the participant is obliged to do everything reasonable to help fix the damage or to keep the damage as low as possible. Complaints must be submitted immediately to the local travel or course management in written form. For colds symptoms, access and the travel attendance is not permitted.

Exclusion of claims

Claims for non-contractual provision of services shall be informed in writing at the latest within one month after the end of the journey or course. 6 months after the end of the trip or course, all claims arising from the travel or course contract expire. If the operation is concluded due to higher violence or due to government decisions, there is no entitlement to extension of cards or contracts.
Ineffectiveness The ineffectiveness of individual provisions does not justify the ineffectiveness of the Treaty.


Every participant is responsible for passport, visa, customs and health regulations. Every participant is also responsible for his insurance cover (we recommend the conclusion of liability, travel cancellation and accident insurance).


The travelers or student can only sue the organizer at his seat. The place of jurisdiction is the seat of the organizer.