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Bootcamps, Meetups & Workshops

We've made it our mission in life to make the world a bit safer for women and girls. We cannot accept having to be afraid when walking home at night or traveling alone. And it was actually martial arts that gave us three things we did not have before: strength, self-confidence, and a sense of safety. And we figured if it worked for us, maybe it will work for other women as well.

Zwei Frauen beim Kickboxtraining auf einer Wiese in den Bergen während einem Kampfsport Camp der Marke Chinkilla. Two women kickboxing on a field in the mountains during a martial arts camp from the martial arts brand Chinkilla.
Frauen beim fortgeschrittenen Kickbox Training während einem Chinkilla Camp. Eine Frau im Fokus trägt Chinkilla Fightgear. Women during an advanced kickboxing class at a Chinkilla camp. One woman in the front is wearing Chinkilla fightgear.


Fitness, martial arts, yoga and self-defense with a group of awesome women in the gorgeous outdoors! We offer camps in Austria as well as in Germany. Whether you're a beginner or already experienced, we have something for everyone.

Simply Badass Bootcamp, 7-11 July 2022

Kickass Camp, 14-18 August 2022


A meetup is 100% funded by our Chinkilla clothing sales and is free for all participants. We host meetups across Germany and try to cover the most useful techniques in martial arts, self-defense, and empowerment as possible in one afternoon to the local women. This is a great opportunity to network with women in your area and give you a motivational kickstart on your martial arts journey! Our next stops:

November 5, 2022, Saarbrücken

November 20, 2022, Düsseldorf

Weekend Workshops

A weekend packed with martial arts, self-defense and fitness in your city! Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Scenario Training, and Mental Empowerment await you at our 2-day workshops in various cities in Germany. Our next stop: