WW x chinkilla Voltage Combination Shorts

inkl. MwSt.

The WhiskyWolf x chinkilla collab: It's electrifying.

We brought together the loud & proud vibrant designs of WhiskyWolf with the subtly cool minimalism of chinkilla to strike a perfect balance. These fight shorts have a neon pop of coral and electric teal with a lightning bolt cutting through them - enough to catch attention without making your eyes hurt.

The Deets:

  • The fight shorts have a hidden black undershort for security on the mats.
  • The elastic waistband features a hidden waist tie.
  • The black leg logo reads WhiskyWolf with chinkilla cutting through.


This unisex nogi set was measured and cut for both women and men. If you're between sizes, we recommend women go with their smaller size and men with their bigger size.
For reference: Jaqui is wearing the shorts in size S, Levin is wearing the shorts in size M. 

Note: This is a presale! Orders are estimated to ship in early June.

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