Our legendary Simply Badass Bootcamp in Kleinwalsertal, Austria enters its 6th round! We’ve put together the perfect program of martial arts, self-defense, yoga, a trail run adventure, and unforgettable mountain lodge evenings - all led by inspiring coaches, fueled by scrumptious homemade cooking, and set in beautiful nature scenery. The only thing missing? You.

Join us for 5 days of absolute sisterhood and pure female empowerment. Make friendships and memories that will last forever. Don’t take our word for it - take the word of the legacy of women who have joined us over the years:


"I feel very grateful to have been part of the chinkilla bootcamp Experience 2022. Martial Arts, Yoga, Nature, Sunshine, A Tiny Fluffy Dog, Exhausation, Amazing Food, Laughter and the Coolest Girl Gang Becoming Stronger Together! It was amazing to get to know you. Thank you! "

"After a long search for a boot camp that Bootcamp found in Austria - actually it was my goal to go out of me, but in fact I drove home with so much more - the camp was great - eat on point - just soulfood - Training great and no matter whether you have started, advanced or no experience at all - everyone is picked up at their stand - but the really best is this community ❤️ I can only recommend every woman to participate 😊"

"I took part in a Chinkilla Bootcamp for the first time this year and I don't want to do without the experience. It is not for nothing that some women come to the camps again and again! The two founders Sarah and Dani are passionate about 100% and is absolutely authentic At the matter. Everyone is welcome, the mindset of everyone. I have never been able to experience such a strong community and mutual support. Everyday life has me again, but I still stick to this wonderful feeling of strength. I wish every woman To have this experience. What Chinkilla is doing here is just breathtaking. Try it! You won't regret it! ;-) "

I wish for every Woman to Experience Something Like This at Least Once in Their Lives. The Community, The Appreciation, The Support. The Sisterhood. I loved everything about this bootcamp. The atmosphere Within the Group and the Dynamic and the Support Within the Team. It truly felt like a Safe Space Without Judgment and Competition (A Little Friendly Competition During the Pub Quiz Or the Plank Challenge Doesn't Hurt 😉). The Peaceful Mountains Surrounding Us and Calming Us Down When Needed. My mind keeps playing tricks on me sometimes, Leaving Me Feeling Too Vulnerable for this World. But while working with chinkilla this is never an issue. There is always room to take a break, step outside for a minute, punch it all out or talk to someone openly and without shade. 🙏🏼 Thank you all for this experience. I at So Gratful for Meeting Each and Everyone of You. May your Path Be Filled with Love and Confidence. ✨



Austria's gorgeous valley, Kleinwalsertal, is also known as the "most beautiful cul-de-sac in the world.” Nestled in a majestic mountain landscape, it is easily accessible from Germany.



All women are welcome at this camp - from couch potatoes to fitness freaks. We meet you at your level and challenge your limits, always with an encouraging and motivational approach. And a small, exclusive group means lots of individual focus. The martial arts program includes kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and self-defense. The cherries on top: morning yoga, fitness challenges, game nights, campfire evenings, and a trail run!


Whether it's your first martial arts intro, or you’re a seasoned veteran: awaken that simply badass attitude as you strike pads and kick targets in full Chun-Li mode. This is your open arena to try out your strength and unleash your inner fighter. Wrap your hands and put on your gloves and game face. We're here to fight back.

Beginners and experienced sessions will be offered, as well as optional supervised open mat sparring.


Self-defense has been a key part of our program ever since the very first bootcamp in 2019: An empowerment talk to boost your confidence, a sharing circle to speak openly about life experiences in a safe space, and a practical training of techniques where we address all your questions and what-ifs. Our goal is to bond with one another in the name of sisterhood, develop a better feeling of control over our lives, and walk out with our heads held high.


Put away the gloves and grab your mouthguard: Welcome to the world of BJJ! Our trainer Katie will take you along her journey on the ground with grappling for sport and self-defense. You’ll learn to attack and defend from different positions, using leverage, pressure, and knowledge of human anatomy to control an opponent.

Beginners and experienced sessions will be offered, as well as optional supervised open mat sparring.


A mindful morning ritual to coax you awake: gentle yoga in the crisp mountain air. Alongside a rich cup of coffee and a picturesque nature backdrop, it’s the perfect fresh start to your day!


More than just a trail run: you’ll be given team quests, puzzles, side missions, and hidden treasure hunts to complete! This Simply Badass Bootcamp exclusive is like an outdoor escape game, but way cooler - a great way to build friendships and camaraderie while exploring the forest paths of Kleinwalsertal.


Toasting marshmallows around a campfire while singing along to Abba and the Backstreet Boys. Popping open your drink of choice and joining a table for game night. Summer nights at the lodge hit different - pub quiz, board games, karaoke, s’mores - and great company to share it all with!


The "Schlössle" is our home in the mountains. The charming hut has a unique panoramic view in the valley of Riezlern. The house also has cozy multi-bed rooms on two floors, community showers, a spacious dining area, and a rustic lounge with table tennis and more. The surrounding meadows are perfect for outdoor yoga and workouts with a gorgeous backdrop, and snuggly evenings around the campfire.


Our daily meals are prepared by our very own chinkilla team: our nutrition-conscious kitchen crew has experience and competence in cooking delicious healthy meals with fresh vegan and vegetarian ingredients. Let us know about any allergies and food intolerances via the sign up form, and we'll do our best to cater to them!

Each bootcamp day starts with a balanced breakfast - wholegrain bread, rolls, vegan spreads, muesli and different types of yogurt (almond, soy). You’ll also find fresh fruit for making your own smoothies - vegan protein powder included. After the first training session, head over to the sandwich and snack bar for a light lunch to fuel you through the afternoon. After the training day ends, your warm-cooked dinner consisting of three courses awaits you - tuck in.


Who can participate?

All women are welcome to join the Simply Badass Bootcamp! From fitness freaks to couch potatoes, this Bootcamp accommodates all levels. Our chinkilla team is international - we speak English, German, and Arabic.

How do I get to the bootcamp?

For international arrivals, the most common itinerary is to fly in to Munich Airport and take the train or a rental car from there. To reach us by public transport, the destination train station is Oberstdorf. From there, a bus goes towards Kleinwalsertal (direction "Baad") to the “Tobel” bus stop. We're happy to pick you up from there with our shuttle.

We're also happy to help you find a carpool with one of the other participants upon request!

What's the cancellation policy?

We can only accept a cancellation on your part if you have found a replacement participant to take your place. To be on the safe side, we strongly encourage you to book your own travel insurance that will cover cancellations for personal or health reasons (e.g., ADAC).